Iran’s Interior Minister arrives in Iraq, meets officials

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iran’s Minster of Interior arrived in Iraq on Wednesday, a state-affiliated media reported, saying the minister is scheduled to meet Iraqi officials and including his counterpart.

Fars News Agency, a state-affiliated Media said that Iran’s Minister of interior Ahmad Vahidi arrived in the Iraqi capital, Bagdad, just today.

Vahidi’s visit aims “check the situation of Arbeen pilgrims,” and discuss with Iraqi officials.

Arbaeen marks the end of a 40-day mourning period for the death of the Shiite leader and grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussein, in a battle fought in Karbala in 680 AD, starting on 16 September 17.

As the Shiite occasion days approaches, millions of Shiite Muslim worshippers from around the world, with the vast majority being Iraqis and Iranians visit the holy Karbala and Najaf provinces.

An Iranian media report expected that this year “between 3 to 5 million Iranian pilgrims will visit Karbala.”

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