Second Israeli attack struck Syria’s Aleppo airport in less than week, Ministry says

A file picture shows Syrian air defences responding to Israeli missiles in the sky south of Damascus on July 20, 2020. (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Syria’s Aleppo airport has been run out of service on Tuesday after its runway came under an airstrike by the Israeli forces once again, the Syrian defense ministry said.

In a statement, the defense ministry of Syria said at around 1716 GMT a missile strike launched on the airport by Israel, damaged the runway and taken the airport out of service.

The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept Israeli missiles, downing several of them, the Syrian state news agency (SANA) reported earlier on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s attack marked the second air raid by the Israeli forces on sites under the Syrian government’s control in less than a week.

On Aug. 31, Israel targeted Syria’s government facilities, and airport in the capital and Aleppo city, according to Syrian state media which resulted in material damage only.

Israel has increased its attacks on sites in Syria that allegedly convoys or stores weapons belonging to allied fighters from Iran in recent years, aiming to disrupt Tehran’s increasing use of aerial supply lines to deliver arms to allies.

Tehran has adopted air transport as a more reliable means of ferrying military equipment to its forces and allied fighters in Syria, following disruptions to ground transfers.

Last week’s attack damaged Aleppo airport just before the arrival of a plane from Iran, a commander in an Iran-backed regional alliance who was familiar with the incident, according to Reuters.

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