KRG sets 15 days deadline for touristic attractions, businesses to use Kurdish as main language

Locals and tourists visit Gali Ali Bag waterfall which lies some 130 km north of Erbil. (Photo: General Board of Tourism)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) issued an executive order on Wednesday compelling all touristic attractions and businesses to use Kurdish as the main language for their menu and signs.   

The General Board of Tourism of the KRG has issued an executive order signed by President of the board Amal Jalal, requiring all tourist attractions in the Kurdistan Region including hotels, lounges, and restaurants to comply with using the Kurdish language as the main.

The board has set 15 days deadline for all businesses and touristic attractions to implement the decision otherwise violators will face temporary closure starting from three days to seven, the punishments also include revoking the tourist license in case the violator rejects to abide by the decision.

In recent years, stability and security along with various touristic attractions, have turned the Kurdistan Region into a new destination in Iraq for tourism.

A vast number of holidaymakers mostly from central and southern provinces pay visits to the Region throughout summer, it also includes foreign tourists outside of the country.

Over the past two decades, the Kurdistan Region’s economy had been heavily reliant on the oil and gas sector, which has driven the Region’s development. Kurdish authorities have been trying to diversify, and the tourism sector plays a major role.

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