Presidency of Kurdistan Region Parliament to discuss establishment of constitution: reporter

File – Lawmakers attend a session of Kurdistan Parliament

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Parliament has set to convene with the head of factions on Tuesday concerning the establishment of a constitution, according to Esta reporter.

Esta Media Network reporter in Erbil said the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Parliament has set to meet the head of factions to discuss the resumption of parliament’s sessions and the issue of establishing a constitution for the Region.

Parliament is also scheduled to hold a session at the beginning of the next month regarding the Kurdistan Region’s upcoming parliamentary election-related issues, the reporter said.

“The issue of electoral law amendment and the activation of the election commission will be the main topic for next month’s session” the reporter added.

The Kurdistan Region held parliamentary elections in September 2018. Parliamentary elections are held every four years in the Kurdistan Region. A minimum quota of 30% of seats in the 111-seat house is reserved for women and 11 seats for parties representing minorities.

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