Sinjar is victim of political conflicts, signs of life are still unseeable: PUK President

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Today 8 years passed since the Sinjar catastrophe and so far the signs of life are still unseeable said the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on Wednesday which marks the commemoration day of the Yezidis genocide. 

Since 2014, August 3rd of every year marks the commemoration of the Yezidis community genocide by the Islamic State terror group, the group’s atrocity against that community was out of every moral and human value.

“We pay respect for the martyrs, and commemorate the victims of that unforgettable catastrophe with esteem, 8 years after, the signs of life are still unseeable in Sinjar,” said PUK President Bafel Talabani in a statement.

“Sinjar is the victim of the political conflicts. The efforts to return its population and heal its wounds are listless”. He said.

“It is the duty of both the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region to take serious steps for the sake of resolving the issues and restore hope for our Yezidis brothers and sisters” he continued.

Talabani stressed that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan supports any efforts that make Sinjar flourish and stable, we will contribute to our beloved ones to recognize a such big crime, according to the statement.

After capturing the second largest city in Iraq of Mosul in June 2014, the Islamic State next unleashed its violence against the Yezidi minority surrounding Mount Sinjar in the first days of August 2014. To ISIS, the Yezidi are considered infidels for their religious traditions, therefore the IS terror group enjoyed massacring them in a very ruthless way.

When the invasion of Sinjar by IS was done, many of whom were women and underage girls who were turned into sexual slavery and forced labor, and a massive amount of Yezidis civilians were massacred by different horrific means.

According to the Kurdistan Regional Government Office for Rescuing Kidnaped Yazidis 6,000 Yazidis were kidnapped when ISIS attacked their heartland of Sinjar located in Nineveh province. Over 2000 still remain missing.

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