On 8th anniversary of Yezidi’s genocide, PUK politburo pay respects to victims of that ‘catastrophe’

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan politburo on Tuesday released a message on the 8th anniversary of the Yezidis genocide by Islamic State terrorists in their homeland in Sinjar.

8 years ago the Islamic State terror group committed horrific genocide against the Yezidis minority in the summer of 2014, August 3rd was a fateful day for them.

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the Islamic State’s atrocities against the Yezidi community, the PUK politburo reiterated in a message that the Yezidi’s homeland shall be reconstructed, and its community must be excluded to be used as various political cards.

“On the 8th anniversary of Islamic State terrorist attack on the Kurdish Yezidis we pay our respect to the victims of that catastrophe,” it said.

“We reaffirm our efforts to pressure all sides from the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to intensify the searching for those who were missed inside that catastrophe” it added.

“The Yezidis must be protected from any life-threatening means, it is the duty of all sides to put more efforts into protecting their community and homeland” it continued.

After capturing the second largest city in Iraq of Mosul in June 2014, the Islamic State next unleashed its violence against the Yezidi minority surrounding Mount Sinjar in the first days of August 2014. To ISIS, the Yezidi are considered infidels for their religious traditions, therefore the IS terror group enjoyed massacring them in a very ruthless way.

When the invasion of Sinjar by IS was done, many of whom were women and underage girls who were turned into sexual slavery and forced labor, and a massive amount of Yezidis civilians were massacred by different horrific means.

According to the Kurdistan Regional Government Office for Rescuing Kidnaped Yazidis 6,000 Yazidis were kidnapped when ISIS attacked their heartland of Sinjar located in Nineveh province. Over 2000 still remain missing.

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