PUK warns of ‘fake’ poll, allegedly related to party

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on Wednesday warned of a fake poll that was allegedly released by the party.

The organizing office of PUK warned the party’s cadres that the circulating polls on social media are not related to the party and called the poll as ‘fake’.

Recently, in the past few days, massive accounts on Facebook claimed for a poll that was allegedly released by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to be aware of the party’s conditions from its cadres and people’s perspective.

“We warn all of our comrades that the poll is fake, it is not related to us,” PUK’s organizing office in a statement said.

“The PUK has its own dedicated organs to carry out such kinds of tasks, then the formal news outlets will launch campaign, and call its members and supporters to participate,” it said.

“PUK is not responsible, and it only aims to mislead the people and disrupts PUK’s renewal as well as development” it added.

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