Sulamani health is in deep medicine shortage crisis: health director

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The General directorate of health in Sulamani on Thursday warned of a serious crisis of medicine shortage in the hospitals.

Until next Saturday the department of heart diseases in Sulaimani will run out of medicine and medical equipment as well, the director of the city’s health Hersh Salim told Esta Media Network.

“The Kurdistan Region government owes the Pharmaceutical companies which supply the hospitals”, and “They are refused to send any more amounts of medicine,” Salim said.

“Even though the contracts have been renewed but the Pharmaceutical companies did not receive any financial allocations” Salim added.

According to Salim’s words, Sulaimani health is in deep crisis, it running out of all of its equipment, in particular in the heart diseases department which will completely run out of medicine until next Saturday.

The director also referred to the cancer treatment center in Sulaimani saying, “It is in a deep crisis of medicine shortage as well”.

Regarding the solution to the situation, he stated that there is no dedicated fund in the banks therefore no efforts will solve the problem.

“The ministry of health and the finance minister shall solve the problem”.

Shortages of medicine and medical equipment have emerged in Sulaimani since last year due to the government’s failure to provide financial entitlements to the companies supplying medicine to the province.

The Kurdistan Regional Government owes the companies over 20 billion Iraqi dinars, according to the pharma companies.


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