Coordination framework calls for Kurdish Parties to reach agreement shortly

File – Members of Iraqi Council of Representatives are pictured during a session

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Shiite coordination framework demanded the Iraqi to Parliament hold a session this week regarding the election of the President of the country, it said in a statement on Saturday. 

The coordination framework held its regular meeting and subsequently, it announced in a statement that the latest political developments, as well as the election of the Iraqi President, were discussed.

It also demands the Iraqi Council of Representatives to hold its regular session throughout this week in order to complete the constitutional entitlements, and decided to accelerate the government formation process, according to the statement.

“The coordination calls for the Kurdish Parties to intensify the talks and select a candidate for the position, and reach an agreement before the Parliament session shortly,” it said.

“It also decided to continue its meeting to nominate a candidate for the premiership in the next few days” it added.

Iraq’s premiership election has been postponed since October 2021, in which the last parliamentary election was held, based on Iraqi law, the country cannot elect a Prime Minster unless the President has been elected, then he/she can appoint a candidate.

Under the power-sharing system established in the Iraqi constitution to prevent sectarian conflict, Iraq’s Prime Minister is Shiite and the President is Kurd, meanwhile, its speaker of parliament is Sunni.

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