Authorities say Khor Mor plant was once again struck by rockets

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Khor Mor gas plant in Chamchamal district, Sulaimani province came under attack once again by rockets, local authorities have confirmed on Saturday.

Another rocket attack has been carried out on United Arab of Emirates Energy Company in Khor Mor plant, Ramk Ramazan mayor of Chamchamal district has confirmed.

This was the third time during the past 96 hours that the plant was struck by rockets.

On Friday, At least two rockets fired toward UAE-based Dana Gas Company which operates in Khor Mor facility.

Earlier on Wednesday, the plant was attacked by rockets. At least one Katyusha rocket fell near the gas complex according to security officials. Later the company in a statement confirmed on Thursday that “Two contractor staff suffered from minor injuries following Wednesday’s rocket attack”.

Khor Mor is one of the largest gas projects in Iraqi Kurdistan and produces around 452 million cubic feet per day of gas.

Rocket and drone attacks have become more frequent in recent months, Oil and gas facilities in Iraqi Kurdistan have been attacked several times.

However, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has previously claimed responsibility for some of the attacks.

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