Sadr demands post of Iraqi PM, nine ministries, says Khazali

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Sadrist Movement’s delegation has demanded the position of Iraqi prime minister and nine ministries during talks with the other Shia parties, head of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq Qais Khazali said on Saturday.

Khazali said during an interview with Al Ahd channel affiliated to his group that the Coordination Framework, including other Shia parties except for the Sadrist Movement, had “made concessions in the past, but it won’t make compromise on the formation of the largest parliamentary group”.

“The Sadrist Movement wants the post of prime minister and nine ministries,” he added, noting that the movement could nomine a candidate for the premier’s position and that the Coordination Framework could reject it.

“The Coordination Framework currently holds 83 seats of the parliament,” Khazali said.

Iraq has entered a political stalemate after the Iraqi parliament failed to elect a president in three sessions due to disagreements between the parties.

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