Police say 179 men, women detained over ‘illegal acts’ in tourist community

SULAIMANI (ESTA) —  Police detained 179 men and women over illegal acts in a tourist community in the city late on Tuesday, the general directorate of police said on Wednesday.

In a statement, police said its units, in coordination with the forces of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council, arrested 102 men and 77 women in a place in Erbil, where “illegal acts were carried out that were opposite of law and instructions”.

The owner of the place was also detained, they added. 

Earlier on Wednesday, a source at the general directorate of police told Esta Media Network that police raided a night club in a tourist community in Erbil late on Tuesday.

“A large amount of equipment for drug using and prohibited materials as well as various pills were seized,” Khoshnaw said.

The directorate of police said its units would continue the campaign to close night clubs where illegal acts are carried out.

The police source said earlier that 100 people including 73 women were arrested over “prostitution”.

The night club located in one of the tourist communities in Erbil had been opened for over eight years, said the source, who spoke under condition of anonymity.

The detainees are from the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Syria and Iran, according to the police source.

“Most of them were tourists, and part of the men had brought the women with themselves,” the source noted.

*This story was corrected to reflect the directorate of police rather than governor

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