Iranian commander says Israel can start the war, but Iran will end it – report

An Iranian flag is pictured near in a missile during a military drill in Iran October 19, 2020. (Reuters)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A top Iranian commander said on Thursday that if Israel starts a war, Iran will be the one to end it.

“Any mistake by Israel in dealing with Tehran will accelerate its destruction,” IRGC Commander of Aerospace Force Amir Ali Hajizadeh was reported as saying by semi-official media Tasnim, according to Reuters.

Israel has pressed for a tougher tone on Iran if diplomacy fails to curb the advancements of its nuclear programme.

The two countries have exchanged sharp rhetoric recently, against the backdrop of efforts to renew talks to revive a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

Negotiations in Vienna, where the U.S. is indirectly taking part, have stalled ahead of the August inauguration of newly elected ultra-conservative Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi.

The accord was strained when in 2018 former U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. unilaterally and reimposed sanctions.

(Esta Media Network/Reuters)

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