Fateh alliance calls for prosecution of PM advisor for changing votes  

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq’s al-Fateh Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri on Tuesday called for the prosecution of an advisor to the prime minister, who it accuses of changing election votes.

In a statement, the alliance said Mohannad Naim, the prime minister’s advisor for election security, should be prosecuted for his confession in a leaked audio that he was charged with changing votes of Iraq’s parliamentary election.

“We demand the Iraqi judiciary to prosecute Muhannad Naim for his confession in a leaked audio which he is saying he is charged with entering the electoral process and destroying special electoral files targeting certain large blocs,” it said.

Al-Fateh alliance added that it would stand against “anyone who tries to bring down the democratic process in Iraq”.

Separately, head of Nasr coalition Haidar al-Abadi said the electoral commission had lost “confidence” and that the “mistake that happened should be corrected until tomorrow”.

The Iraqi electoral commission announced initial results of more than 3,000 ballot boxes that were counted manually early on Tuesday.

The commission began manual vote counting of hundreds of ballot boxes after several groups including Kataib Hezbollah rejected the initial results, that showed candidates representing Shia militias backed by Iran had emerged as the biggest loser in the general election.

According to the data sent to Esta Media Network, seats that the Sadrist movement won dropped from 73 to 70, while seats of blocs affiliated to Hashid al-Shaabi increased.

Al-Fateh seats also increased from 17 to 21, and seats of a coalition formed by Ammar Hakim and Abadi rose by one seat to five.

The electoral commission continues to count many other ballot boxes.

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